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The Telepathic Animals Project

objective is to validate telepathic animal communication.






Goals of the Telepathic Animals Project




This project will focus on telepathically communicating with animal creatures of all species (Mammals, Insects, Aquatic, etc.).


To facilitate the organization of on-going experiments with the goal of validating telepathic communications with animals of all species.


Create a network of animal communicators to answer questions related to animals and their well being.


All telepathic animal communicators are welcome, both those whom it came to naturally and those who developed their telepathic communication skills.






Animals witness what we don't see!


Join the Telepathic Animals Project and help the animals be heard!






The time spent by an individual can be as little as one communication or

multiple communications.


Some may be interested in working with protocols and data.


Every good group needs web and social media experts.


If you are interested in any of the Projects, please visit the related page

or the Contact Telepathic Animals to send an email.

Each page has information for sending an email about that project.






This web site and project are for people wanting to help validate telepathic animal communication.

This project is all volunteer and this is no compensation in any way other than to help animals.

Thank you for your interest in this project and helping animals.










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