Petey - Greeley


Lost dog in Greeley, CO, named Petey, about 3 yrs old





Petey has not been found.

Signs have have been posted and handed out.

Veterinarians and Animal Control have been contacted.

Petey had a collar with his name and contact numbers.

We do not expect him to be returned to his home at this time.


This project is finished.






Here are the communications for this project:




5/15/12 DBP

He is in a room with windows that are up, not to the floor.

There are children (small people) that took his collar off and dropped it on the ground/floor.

They are not going to return Petey.


He is showing me something that to me looks like flames/vents on a car?



5/19/12 DBP

Petey: OH OH

DBP: Why did you run away?

Petey: Play & have fun, it was not my house.

I am with someone / safe.

How do I get back home?

DBP: Can you get back to Brenda's house?

You will be safe there until Sue gets back.

Petey: I am with someone/safe.

How do I get back home?

DBP: Mom is looking for you.

Do you know how to go back the way you ran?

She asked me to tell you to please be careful of cars if you are trying to get home.

DBP: Can you tell me something so Sue knows I talked to you?

Petey: Blue shoes



6/20/12 Jennifer

I smell chickens! I am on a property that has a chain link fence, but it's not very high.

They have a yard with a tire swing that backs up to other farms.

I'm surrounded by farms everywhere... cows and chickens.

I am not far outside of a main neighborhood and not too far from home (maybe a 10 minute car ride?).

I actually feel like the people that have me are trying to help me.

I don't feel they know how to get a hold of Sue.

I was with one other person before coming here and now I'm here and these people don't know what else has happened in my life.

I don't want Sue to worry.

The house I'm at is yellow.

I see a red barn in the distance and a big, half moon shaped metal barn with a big white door.

There are lots of tractors, too.

Let me know if that helps.

I hope so. Sounds like he is okay.



7/21/12 Terri

I just spoke with him (6pm) spoke with him, and he's very scared.

Some people have been mean and thrown stuff at him.

I see him as both a giant muscley pit bull type dog and a little gray and white shihtzu.

Scared and brave all in one.

I reassured him that he was 3 which I think is the perfect age for a dog.

They are very smart at that age, and agile, and brave and lovable.

He sees weeds and a parking lot and a dumpster and trucks and big like 6x6 beams piled up.

It smells like tar and oil and there are a lot of birds.

The sky is currently blue and the pavement is hot.

He's under cover out of the sun under something soft.

He's been able to find puddles and crap on the ground to eat.

I don't know Greeley at all so I don't know what to tell him to look for, but let him know that not everyone is mean and that he probably needs to get some human help.

Maybe go to a girl over a boy and to maybe stop at a store where people go in and out and just sit there and wait until someone comes to help him.

I let him know my dog was lost (before I got him) and the nicest people picked him up and got him safe and fed and then we found each other.

His mom will be looking at all such shelters. He wants to be near her leg and see his red oblongy like toy again.



7/22/12 Terri

I think Petey got picked up by someone.

A woman.

He's not so scared anymore.

He sees a chain link fence and grass.

he has food water.

There are kids and another dog, but that dog is inside.

This isn't his mom.

He got sad when I asked remembering his mom.

He smells:

cooking/oil/like a home, not a restaurant

dirty feet


old charcoal

wet paper.



7/25/12 Terri

Petey is in the backyard of a home with children in a poor area.

There is a chain link fence on three sides and a 6 ft high wood fence in front.

He has shade underneath a porch that has steps going up to a sliding glass door.

There are weeds in the back and an alley.

I assume Petey's mom has posters all over, but I would definitely blanket whatever poor section of town there is near her with duplexes that might be near an industrial area with convenience stores. Petey is safe and not scared but misses his home.



10/12/12 Zoe

Petey, the 3yo lost dog, is 20 miles west of his previous home living with a woman that found him.

The house looks clean, with white carpets and floors.

He said he misses his old people, but when I asked him if he is lost he said "No, I was found by good people."

At this point he would still like to go back to his other people, but is not too upset about his current predicament.



11/1/12 Zoe

Good Morning,

I just asked Petey for more information, and I received that he is ~15 miles southwest of his old home living in an apartment complex.

He showed me the same white interior of a living space that appears to be an apartment on the second floor of a small apartment complex, Apt. #216.

There are stairs outside going down to the street, and there are many identical white apartment buildings all down the block.

I asked for a bit more information and he showed me a brick entrance way into the

neighborhood, but I couldn't read the sign.

He appears content and said his new home is fun, but would absolutely go back with him mom.






This project is finished.


Thank you for your help!





This web site and project are for people wanting to help validate telepathic animal communication.

This project is all volunteer and this is no compensation in any way other than to help animals.

Thank you for your interest in this project and helping animals.









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