Saved by the Blood





Saved by the Blood (SBTB) - Texas

Horse with known knee injury






SBTB had veterinary care action to repair the hoof

and the injured shoulder.






Here are the communications for this project:




7/26/13 DBP

SBTB's owner had received a call that she had hurt her knee, but they didn't say which knee, how bad or if there were any other injuries or damage to her. The owner wanted to know the extent of the injuries to SBTB.


During the telepathic communication with SBTB, a problem was found with the left shoulder and hoof. The information regarding the location, feel and symptoms was passed on to the owner.  When the veterinarian examined SBTB, no problems were found other than the left knee which was fixed. The owner keep doing physical checks but could not find any problems.


After the veterinary visit to fix the left knee, the owner ask how SBTB's knee was doing.  Each time the owner asked, the telepathic animal communicator said there were still issues with the left shoulder and hoof. SBTB was taken to the veterinarian for a check-up on the advice of the telepathic animal communicator even though no problem was noticeable after repeated visual checks or by watching SBTBs behavior or movements.


A serious problem, that was not evident, was found and corrected because of a telepathic communication with SBTB. She has healed and is doing great.



7/26/13 DBP

This is part of the communication with SBTB.






This is part of the Veterinary Report and X-rays for SBTB.




Veterinary Report




Left Fore Foot P3 Solar Margins




Left Fore Foot DP




Left Fore Foot Lateral




Left Fore Foot Lateral Shoe






This project is finished.


Thank you for your help!






This web site and project are for people wanting to help validate telepathic animal communication.

This project is all volunteer and this is no compensation in any way other than to help animals.

Thank you for your interest in this project and helping animals.










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